Wednesday, February 4, 2009

QuickTestPro 10.0

Good News !!!!!!!! QTP 10 is having so many new fetures....find some of them below

QTP 10 New Features

1.Portability by Saving Copies of Tests Together with Their Resource Files
2.Call Actions Dynamically During the Test Run
3.Develop Your Own Bitmap Checkpoint Comparison Algorithm
4.Centrally Manage Your Work Items and ToDo Tasks in the To Do Pane
5.Improve Test Results Analysis with New Reporting Functionality
6.Centrally Manage and Share Testing Assets, Dependencies, and Versions in Quality Center 10.00

Product Enhancements
1. You can Upgrade QTP 10 from QuickTest 9.5
2. Improved IntelliSense Functionality
3. Improved Debugger Pane Design and Functionality
4. Added New Object Identification Solutions in Maintenance Run Mode
5.Additional Configuration Settings for Text Recognition Mechanism
6.New Look for Options, Settings, and File Dialog Boxes
7.QuickTest Toolbar Customization Options
8.Improved Web Extensibility
9..NET Add-in and Extensibility Improvements
10.New Terminal Emulator Configuration Validation

New Supported Operating Systems and Environments
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, Beta 2
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0.x
  • Delphi: IDE, versions 6, 7, and 2007
  • Citrix Presentation Server 4.5
  • Reference: HP QTP 10.0 Help