Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let's Download VSTS 2010 trail version and play!!!! Will it be a real competitor for QTP in functional testing???

VSTS Test Edition:

There are code quality features common to Visual Studio Professional and all the VSTS editions, such as adding a test results to a work item or tracking tests against work items, creating unit tests, and scheduling of tests.
Quality features specific to the Test edition include calling one Web test from another Web test, custom host adaptors for running tests in alternate test environments, generic tests for wrapping external programs and tests not part of VSTS, load modelling for load tests, load tests for Web tests or unit tests that simulate multiple users for performance and stress testing, and manual tests such as disconnecting the power supply.
Microsoft Test Runner enables test case execution, and event and system log collection, and captures images and video of test execution; the integration with TFS allows users to create defects linked with related artefacts.

In functional testing market there is one more tool avilable from Micro Soft(VSTS), will it be a real competior for QTP...????

give your comments......

Download VSTS 2010 trail version
Download VSTS 2010 trail version


Hi shiv
could you please send me a link for doanload a trail version of VSTS 2010. so i can evaluate what all the features MS has improved in that

I am looknig for this VSTS 2010 tool for load testing

Hi Sidh,
Sorry for the late reply, VSTS 2010 has load testing also, it’s a tool for functional testing, load testing, unit testing and you can develop application too.
You have the download link in the post it self... please let me know if you are looking for steps to download and install